Anigav the Chaotic

If there's gold or hilarity to gain from it, I'll swing something sharp at pretty much anything.


Born a member of the Sea Barons, Anigav had his fair share of combat training through the various, less-than-reputable, deckhands. He always felt like there should be more to life. So, through multiple disagreements including a black eye for Anigav and a broken arm for the first mate, he decided to leave the ship and offer himself up as a sword for hire. Though with his lack of real experience he wasn’t taken very seriously. After being sent on a journey of pest control for goblins he ran into an old acquaintance, Crow Nimblefoot. Since he offered companionship in unfamiliar land, and because Anigav couldn’t recall any urge for violence against him, they decided to join together.

Anigav is slow to trust and quick to action. He’s not above holding a knife a little too hard to a throat to get what he wants and holds little patience for the morals of the righteous. If someone needs to die for his ends, it’ll be hard to stop him. Although a pretty face, particularly the exotic look of an elvish woman, can help a great deal. If you play by his rules you won’t die. You may be maimed but you’ll live so long as you silence yourself from that point on.

Anigav the Chaotic

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