Crow Nimblefoot

Little man, Big dreams.


At a young age he was kidnapped by the Sea Barons and put to work as a deck hand.

Essentially nameless, he earned his moniker from the ship’s captain, who thought the nimble footed halfling scurrying around the rigging lines with his moppet of black hair swaying in the breeze reminded him of a crow.

Crow truly gained the attention of Captain Menda when the crew was having a particularly hard time picking a lock of a pilfered chest. When the best of his crew had failed, Menda jokingly told the halfling that if he could get the chest open, that he would be given a share of the treasure that lay inside and be made a legitimate part of the crew.

Much to everyone’s amazement, including his own, Crow managed to get the tumblers to line up and the chest was opened.

Many voyages later, under the direct training of Captain Menda, Crow is an adept young man with great dreams of one day being the captain of his very own vessel at sea. This spark of desire was turned into a full blown inferno upon hearing that the captain had come into the possession of a treasure map that if decrypted had the potential to be many a years score of loot.

Being taught that one must always seize the brass ring, Crow saw his window of opportunity one late evening as a volatile storm rolled across the sea. He crept through the shadows of the ship and into the captains quarters and pocketed the map.

Crow then under the guise of being knocked off balance by the ravaging storm, let himself fall overboard and as far as his crew would know, to his demise.

He washed ashore half a day later, thanks to a mixture of luck, athletic prowess, and perhaps even a little divine favor.

Thus begins one young halflings ambitious journey to wealth, notoriety, and most of all adventure.

Crow Nimblefoot

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