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  • Game 1

    --- h3. Day Covered [[Calendar of Greyhawk | Waterday, Goodmonth 5, CY 391]] ---

  • Game 2

    --- h3. Days Covered [[Calendar of Greyhawk | Earthday, Goodmonth 6 - Freeday,Goodmonth 7, CY 391]] ---

  • Grassflats

    ____________________ A simple farming village. Rarely anything interesting going on beyond the hammering of the smith and the slow bustle of farmers and villagers going about their daily business. ____________________ h4. Shops The only real …

  • Cormik

    ____________________ This town is largely occupied by wealthy merchants who wish to live outside of the city of Marner. There is some industry here, mostly logging and transport. It is not uncommon to see a float of logs go down the river with a …

  • Shiptown

    ____________________ A plain looking town with squat wooden buildings. It features a shipyard along the Marner River, which is the namesake of the town. ____________________ h4. Shops There are no shops in Shiptown. ____________________ …

  • Marner

    ____________________ The largest city in Ratik is still of meager size, boasting no more than 6,000 inhabitants. The stone buildings and fine architecture display the former wealth of the city, which despite its severed ties with the Great Kingdom, …

  • Otis Forktongue

    Otis is a paranoid man, and rightfully so. Constantly surrounded by a contingent of guards, he is making his way south through Ratik for unknown reasons. The Iron Leaf Guild lieutenant sent a group of mercenaries to retrieve a stolen item of no …

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