Races of Flanaess

The population of the Flanaess is diverse, with most territories and free cities boasting some degree of multi-racial population.

Several races have legendary origins, lost in antiquity, while some have more recently migrated into the realms of the Flanaess.


Humans are perhaps the most adaptable race of Oerth. There are several groups, each with different historical origins, though all of the same umbrella race.



An ancient folk who claim to have been in the lands of the Flanaess since the first tree took root. No singular mindset exists within the various groups of elves. For example, the elves of Veluna actively work to promote good, while the elves of Sunndi are hostile to outsiders. Some elves seek greatness, while others are content to live their lives isolated from the troubles of the rest of the world. There are minor variations in the appearances of the elven peoples, but they are a graceful and beautiful people as a whole.

High Elves
Grey Elves
Wood Elves

Races of Flanaess

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